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The Bullet Bottle Opener

We wanted to take a moment and give up some precious space on our site for something we truly support.† The guys and gals over at BasicShield are producing a product we wanted our readers to know about.† We love their handmade bullet bottle opener, but there is more to it than that.† This is a company that is veteran owned an employs veterans.† They also support a number of charities for military men and women.

For the reasons listed above, we decided it was worth our time and effort to help them get the word out.† If youíre looking for a fatherís day, motherís day or just any other present, we recommend you check them out.† The folks at BasicShield are doing cool things.† We highlight this particular item because we think it resonates the best with our audience.

Ohio River Rangers Badge

Our audience is pretty patriotic.† We thought that these gift ideas were something they could really get behind.† These are actually cool and genuinely help to support our military men and women. Those that serve and those that served deserve a little thank you.† The fact that these bullet bottle openers are so cool is an added bonus.

I know some of you are thinking that they can get the same thing cheaper in other places.† You get what you pay for!† Those other bullet bottle openers are typically cheap Chinese knockoffs.† Theyíre actually manufacturing them to look like the real thing.† The ones weíre pointing you to are the real deal.† They are actually 50 cal BMG expended rounds from our men and women in uniform.† You canít beat that.

So, let me say it again.† We donít usually push products on our site.† In fact, itís a bit of a rule of ours that we donít put anything out.† Weíre making an exception here for our friends.† This is a worthy cause and an excellent gesture.† We like to think of it as a donation that comes with a cool gift.† This should help you if youíre hunting hard for that unique present for a friend or loved one.† Take a look at what they have.† We think youíll like it.


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